From the Chairman's Desk


Greetings from Malta!

We are proud of our reputation for producing an International Aviation Event of the highest standard. Our aspiration has always been to give quality service to all our participants. To those who believe in our 42 years of experience, we strive to provide flying challenges of great prestige, in an atmosphere of camaraderie – in spite of the healthy competition! We combine all this with a relaxing event, and superb evening functions.

Early in 2010, we produced a Website at which, in these very hard times, helped us reduce our costs and maintain prices that only vary by as little as 1% per year. This in turn has made it more affordable for other family members or friends to combine a holiday with the Malta Rally, thus making it more possible to integrate into the participation scheme.

We wish to thank all those who have sent their congratulations and praise for the Website. IMPROVEMENTS TAKE PLACE REGULARLY and we welcome suggestions which help to reduce workload for participants. Applying to take part has been simplified, with all the necessary Forms available on our website, and most of the contacting done by e-mail. This way, we have made it less time-consuming to participate, without lowering our very renowned standards.

For the past years, we have offered great holidays, at unbelievable prices for family, friends and club members, by promoting the use of Scheduled flights to Malta. Presently, flights on Air Malta are inexpensive, while other airlines can also be contacted. A week-long Extended holiday in the FIVE STAR WESTIN Hotel is hard to beat for value. We encourage you to try it! It is now easy, through our Website, to view the Hotel and its amenities – absolutely super stuff. For our rich history, what to see, and what to do during your free time here, we suggest you take a look at the Malta Tourism Authority’s site. Again, our website provides a direct link to this.

Oh, by the way, another plus: Landing and Parking fees are FREE for the duration of your stay in Malta – as long as you land during the Rally!

Looking forward to meeting you at Malta International Airport in July for our 42nd Edition!

Capt George E Kissaun, Chairman

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 December 2010 19:29
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