Entry Regulations


1. The International Air Rally of Malta will be held at Luqa Airport, Malta, from Saturday 22 June to Wednesday 26 June, 2019. All Entrants will be expected to take part in the Arrival, Timed Section, Flight Planning and Concours d’Elegance Competitions if they are to be eligible for the Overall Competition. Places awarded in these four events count towards the Air Rally Overall Competition.

2. The Rally will be limited to about forty-five aircraft. If more applications are received, Entrants will be accepted in date order of entry.

3. Rally aircraft depart from Luqa on the morning of Wednesday, June 26, weather permitting. Entrants requiring parking space after the Rally should request it on the entry form.

4. The Rally will be conducted by the Organising Committee of the International Air Rally of Malta, hereinafter called the Committee, under the Regulations contained herein.

5. The Committee reserves the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the Rally or part or parts thereof without notice; add to, amend or omit any of the Competition Rules or Regulations and issue Supplementary Rules or Regulations. The interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, or any hereafter issued, rests entirely with the Stewards appointed by the Committee. Entrants shall be responsible to all officials connected with the Rally for the observance of the Rules and Regulations, and shall be the persons with whom the officials will deal in respect thereof, or to any other questions arising. Entrants, pilots and crews must comply with Maltese Air Legislation and the Malta AIP.

6. Entrants will be responsible for the refuelling of their aircraft AND ARE EXPECTED TO CHECK THE FUEL GAUGE ON THE FUEL TANKER PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF FILLING UP. Engines must be stopped and smoking is not permitted when refuelling is in progress. AVGAS 100LL and JET A1 will be available and may be paid using American Dollars, Euro or fuel cards: UV Air; AV card; Multi service; Baseops; Jeppesen; Nautilus Aviation; World Fuel Service. NO OILS WILL BE AVAILABLE.

7. The Entrant, pilots, crews, passengers, representatives, employees, aircraft and equipment shall, at all times, and under all circumstances connected with the Rally, be at the sole risk of the Entrant. The Entrant shall waive all claims in connection with the Rally against the Committee, the Malta Government, Malta International Airport plc, the Promoters, and all lessees, tenants, licencees, officials, representatives or employees of any of them (hereinafter referred to as the Organisers) for any damage, injury or loss sustained by the Entrant, his pilots, crews, passengers, representatives or employees, and any damage or loss to his aircraft or equipment, and shall indemnify the Organisers accordingly.

8. The Entrant is required to insure, on behalf of himself and his pilots, crews and passengers, against third party risks in connection with the Rally, on the ground or airborne, for not less than £500,000 Sterling, for any one accident.

9. The International Air Rally of Malta is open to Rallyists of any nationality, and to aircraft of any nationality and type, having a maximum permitted all-up weight not exceeding 12,500lb (5,700kg), flown by pilots of any nationality holding appropriate licences and qualifications. The aircraft equipment must include ADF or VOR, and efficient air-ground VHF radio telephony on the following frequencies: Malta Radar - West 130.975 MHz/East 123.625M MHz; Luqa Radar – Approach 128.15 MHz; Luqa Tower 135.1 MHz. See page 28 for full details.

10. Entry fees for the Rally are to be found on the Official Entry Form. The prices are per person and include meals, transport, entertainment and accommodation (on bed and breakfast basis) as per programme.

11. One Official Entry Form is required for each aircraft entered. The Declaration on the form must be SIGNED by the ENTRANT. The OFFICIAL Insurance Certificate must be signed by the ENTRANT’S INSURERS; signature of this part of the form by the Entrant or his pilot is not acceptable. An Entrant is responsible for the accuracy of the particulars filled in. The Entry Form should be accompanied by a BANKERS DRAFT in EURO drawn on HSBC, High Street, Sliema, Malta and sent to the Organising Committee, International Air Rally of Malta, 101 The Lodge, Victor Denaro Street, Msida MSD 1600, Malta. Payment may also be made by Outward Transfer. Bank Transfer details - bank name: HSBC Bank Malta plc; branch name: High Street, Sliema; account name: The International Air Rally of Malta; swift code: MMEB MT MT. ALL payments must be made in Euro, NET to the Malta Rally. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason. Provision for foreign bank charges: If payment is not effected as indicated above, an Entrant will become liable to pay an EXTRA €25 (TWENTY FIVE EURO) PER ENTRY on the first €950 plus €5 on each additional €250. Any payments after May 31 will also have an additional €12 (TWELVE EURO) PER PERSON added to the bill.

12. To ensure adequate accommodation, completed Entry Forms should be received by the Committee not later than April 30, when options on hotel rooms expire. If Entry Forms are not received by May 31, the Committee cannot be held responsible for Arrival/Elapsed Times arriving late. Late entries will be considered if hotel rooms are available, but entries received after Saturday, June 1, will be accepted, subject to an Executive Committee approval. Receipt and acceptance of an entry will be acknowledged by official letter; date of receipt will be the Entrant’s official date of entry. If by May 18, the Committee receives cancellation of any entry after acceptance, the entry fee will be refunded, if requested in writing within fifteen days from cancellation date, after deduction of cancellation charges to be determined by the Committee. NO REFUNDS will be given in the case of non-arrival without notification or for cancellations made after May 18. Non-refundable money CANNOT be used as part payment for any future Rally. It is highly recommended that participants purchase travel insurance.

13. A Rallyist by entering thereby agrees that he is bound by the Rules and Regulations herein contained or hereafter issued in connection with the Rally.


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