Camaraderie and Thanks


Since my first involvement in 1979, I have met many interesting Rallyists, and heard many surprising stories. One I particularly liked happened last year. On arrival at Luqa, a smiling and clearly amused Elisabeth Semm informed me that she and her husband Horst had luggage which did not belong to them. I was intrigued to learn that their Beech F33A (D-EVEB) was actually carrying two spare helicopter wheels! It all started when Kevin and Carol Brennan were forced to abandon their Socata Trinidad TB20 (G-BZPI) in Ragusa with propeller problems. Three crews, from three different countries, combined forces to get the Brennans to their intended destination. D-EVEB took some weight off the Robinson R44 so Carol could fly in with Peter Reed and the G-NSEW crew. Kevin got a ‘lift’ down to Malta in Michel Horat’s Cessna 182S (HB-CYO). The Brennans won the Most Sporting Entry award, but I am sure you will agree that the crews of D-EVEB, G-NSEW and HB-CYO showed the MOST SPORTING BEHAVIOUR! They gave a perfect example of what ‘rallying’ is all about – support, solidarity, friendship. ‘Well done’ to them all!

Over these past 30 years, I have seen many volunteers come and go. As with any organisation, we have our ‘old faithfuls’ – whose experience, continuity, reliability and genuine dedication is so essential to the standards we strive so hard for. Those involved since the 70s or 80s, in different capacities, include Anne Marie and Nigel Kissaun, Saviour Schembri, John Visanich, Carmel Attard, John Camilleri, George Galea, Henry Spiteri, and Joe Tonna. Such people truly deserve our heartfelt thanks, being the Malta Rally’s very core. Their commitment is not prompted by promise; they expect nothing in return, epitomising the true meaning of ‘VOLUNTEER’. But …..

The biggest “Thank You” of all must surely go to the Chairman. CAN ANYONE envisage the Malta Rally without George Kissaun? He has been involved since the very foundation of the International Air Rally of Malta in 1967 – which means that he has given over forty years to this event, and THIS is the Chairman’s 40th RALLY!



Liz Vella

Liz Vella, Odette Chetcuti and Sarah Bugeja Kissaun photographed with newcomers Horst and Elisabeth Semm (D-EVEB)







Peter Reed, John O’Brien and Richard Dawson, plus Carol Brennan [from G-BZPI – third from left] met by Liz Vella, Anne Marie Kissaun, Angele Savic Kissaun and Lara Borg. Norma Bailey and Jane Dawson were also part of the G–NSEW crew







Nigel and Nicholas Kissaun, and Gillian Bugeja Kissaun with Michel Horat and Luciana Cavallini (HB-CYO), plus Kevin Brennan [from G-BZPI – third from right]








left to right: The Chairman’s wife, Rose Kissaun presented the Kissaun Trophy to Horst and Elisabeth Semm (D-EVEB) who won the Timed Section Competition. Head of Administration, Liz Vella presented her George Cross Trophy to winner Michel Horat and Luciana Cavallini. The HB-CYO crew also won the Concours d’Elegance and placed second in the Arrival competition

Note: The above article has been reproduced from the 2009 Brochure and thus is in respect of the 2008 Rally.

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