AC Dauphine’ Support


Pictures taken by Chairman Capt G.E. Kissaun, flying with WIPS on F-GPAP at No 4 in Formation. John ARCHER on Left hand seat.


F-WVFM waiting at Runway 04 for Take-Off; A Robin DR 400 on finals. Not the Best day for flying, George, was it? BUT IT WAS GREAT FUUUNNN!


F-WVFM, the latest 2-seater addition at Dauphine’, ready to Taxi. Pilot in command is none other than Michel BLANC. This aircraft will participate in the 2012 MALTA Rally











Overall winner 2011 - Michel Blondeau and John Staub (F-GSRE)











Michel Blondeau’s ROBIN (F-PZPM) – with skis – at Aeroclub Dauphine’. The Maltese Cross adds to its beauty


Photographs taken by George E Kissaun, Chairman of the International Air Rally of Malta, during his April visit to Aero Club du Dauphine’ in Grenoble, France

Participants flying in for the Pilots’ Meeting to promote the 42nd Malta Rally


Relaxing at AC Dauphine’ in the Grenoble Mountains (l to r): Marie Francoise Lavillat, Michel Blondeau and Michel Blanc


Michel Blanc, Jeanine, George Kissaun Chairman, Pilots and members on a Sunday morning visit of Club Aircraft


Left Michel Blondeau, organiser 'par excellance at Dauphine AC, together with George E Kissaun, Chairman Int. Air Rally of Malta

Part of 'Welcome party' of Dauphine Pilots. Photo action provided by Janine. with husband George Sinclair right.

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